Content Management System for Stock Photography Websites

Stock photo websites have different requirements than normal photo portfolio website. Usually, you would like to present a much higher number of photos and a perfect search engine ranking (especially in both Google Web Search and Google Image Search) is very important. PortfolioSiteLab is the perfect system for creating successful stock photography websites. This article summarizes the key features that make PortfolioSiteLab the perfect system for stock photographers.

Stock Photo Website

  • separate photo page for each photo presenting all relevant photo EXIF and IPTC data
  • flexible collection structure for grouping photos in albums and nested sets
  • photo search and listing of all photo tags
  • automatic sitemap generation
  • excellent SEO integration and Google Core Web Vitals
  • clear and well-arranged website themes

Content Management System

  • auto import multiple photos with IPTC data such as photo title, photo caption, and photo to albums
  • auto update selected or all photos for new IPTC data and image files
  • clear and well-arranged overview and management of photos, albums, and sets
  • comfortable Drag and Drop and Multi Select functionality for managing photos
  • automatic upload and update functionality makes a Lightroom plugin obsolete

View an example of a stock photo website created with PortfolioSiteLab and learn more about PortfolioSiteLab.

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