The perfect CMS for creating individual portfolio websites

Portfolio Website

  • view_quiltMultiple Responsive Designs
  • speedExcellent Performance/Core Web Vitals
  • query_statsSEO optimized
  • branding_watermarkImage Watermarks
  • file_download_offPhoto Download Protection
  • lockPassword Protection
  • photo_cameraPhoto Metadata (EXIF, IPTC, and GPS)
  • tuneCustomizable Themes
  • dnsSelf-hosted on provider of your choice

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Templates and Theme Customization

  • grid_viewMultiple templates are shipped with each theme
  • codeAdd custom CSS/HTML
  • dashboard_customizeCreate new templates for displaying content
  • htmlAdapt header/footer HTML
  • tuneCustomize templates by adapting template settings
  • view_compactCreate completely new designs
  • languageLanguage Customization

Content Management System

  • space_dashboardElegant Backend Interface (crafted for needs of photographers and artists)
  • speedExtreme Performance (even for a large number of photos)
  • searchSearch, Filter, and Drag&Drop Functionality
  • uploadPhoto Bulk Upload/Update
  • syncAutomatic Import/Update of photo IPTC and EXIF data
  • wysiwygPowerful WYSIWYG Editor
  • light_modeLight/Dark Mode
  • auto_awesomeEasy to use Interface
  • dnsSelf-hosted

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CMS Assets

  • photo_libraryCollections (nested Albums and Sets)*
    Title, slug, summary, description, featured, published, sorting.
  • commentComments
    Name, website, content, related article.
  • imagePhotos
    Filename, slug, title, caption, featured, published, aspect ratio, filesize, EXIF & IPTC data, albums, tags, category.
  • articleArticles
    Title, slug, content, excerpt, featured, featured photo/custom image, published, published on, tags, category.
  • menuMenu (Links)
    Title, path, template, reference asset, section, custom settings, custom HTML/CSS.
  • pagesPages
    Title, slug, content, meta description, meta keywords.
  • sellTags and Categories
    Title, slug, caption.

*Albums are collections containing photos, whereas Sets are collections containing albums or sets itself.

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